About Yvonne

Yvonne Kiely

About Yvonne

Yvonne Kiely - Well known Port Macquarie Artist

Yvonne Kiely is best known for her mystic dreamscapes and seascapes.

Pixies, Mermaids, Trinkets and flowers are also known to emerge.

Her subtle process of applying texture, glazing and layering of colours brings a powerful

beauty to her translucent artwork.

“I want my paintings to invite you into their very core.”

Growing up on a secluded farm in the south of Ireland seeded in Yvonne an existential sense

of freedom and open spaces.

She studied fine art at Dublin’s National College of Art and Design.

In Australia Yvonne studied fashion at the National School of Art in East Sydney.

Her early career in the international textile & design industry involving jet trips, excitement,

colour and fashion-fuelled energy furthered her artistic development.

Yvonne has spent the past three decades on the N.S.W. Mid North Coast exhibiting as a

painter and working as an art tutor and Art Therapist.

The paintings of this award winning artist have been featured in many solo and group

exhibitions and in Australian Regional Galleries, prominently The Glasshouse Regional

Gallery Port Macquarie.

“My work has taken many forms. Some are inspired by the ever changing canvas that is

nature, while other abstract works (dreamscapes) flow from the intangible essence of all

things and being in the moment.

Acrylic on canvas is my medium of choice.

I sometimes add graphite, texture mediums and even a little muslin into the process or I

scrape back and draw into the artwork to capture energy.

Often out the corner of my eye, I see combinations of lines, particular shapes and colours

that are truly magical.

I attune and respond to what I see and feel real or imagined.

Once I get going the painting has a life of its own and I submerge in the process of allowing it

to take me where it wants to go.

I keep on painting as freely and as unadulterated as possible.

I paint and draw and dilly-dally about until I’m totally happy with what has emerged.”